Rainbow Six Siege's new co-op mode is infested with some sort of alien zombies


A new trailer just crash-landed

Ubisoft’s in the middle of a long tease about a new mode to Rainbow Six Siegecalled “Outbreak.” As we noted last week, it’s a PvE limited-time event where players try to fend off some sort of infestation.

While still playing coy, Ubisoft has revealed a little more about Outbreak. The trailer that’s embedded above shows a mysterious capsule that crash-landed in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. (That state is ripe for this kind of thing.) According to a description from Ubisoft, the capsule contained the Apex parasite. The alien organism is now loose and is infecting people and turning them into monster zombie things.

A few other details about Outbreak surfaced too. It’ll feature two different difficulties — Normal and Pandemic. Also, it has three unique maps that were designed for cooperative play. Ubisoft says this means these areas are more open than Siege‘s competitive maps.

For the full rundown of the new mode, we have to wait until the Six Invitation on February 13. That’s when we should learn all there is to know about Outbreak. Then, on March 6, all that’s left is to contain the infestation. Can’t be that tough, right?