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Red Dead Online won't reset progress after beta

Keep at it, cowboy

Anyone helping Rockstar figure out its online take on the Wild West need not worry they’re wasting their time. Rockstar has confirmed that Red Dead Onlinewon’t wipe progress and stats once the final version rolls out.

We had an inkling this would be the case because it’s a persistent beta that’s going to eventually transition into the full game. However, Rockstar put any lingering worries to rest by saying “For players concerned about the potential for progress and stats resets, we currently do not have any plans to reset them as part of the beta’s rollout.”

There you have it. Your time in Red Dead Onlineis time well spent. Keep at it and you’ll be the rootinest tootinest cowboy roaming the range. Just wait until those in-game economy changes happen, and then you’ll really be rollin’ in it. Ain’t no such thing as too much money.

Red Dead Online Beta December 4th, 2018 Update: pic.twitter.com/eemSezvvTp

— Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) December 4, 2018

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