Refer a friend to Destiny and get a reward


‘We’re planning something new’

As a thank you for recruiting new Guardians this holiday season, Bungie will be rewarding players with a new Refer-a-Friend scheme for Destiny.

“After this update is deployed,some of the more tech savvy among you will be able to dig up some details for a new initiative we have planned to arrive just in time for the holiday season,” writes community manager, Cozmo, in this week’s weekly update. “We’re planning something new to recognize and reward the Sherpas among you. We are calling it Refer-a-Friend.

“Maybe you have a friend who will be gettingDestinyas a gift this season. Perhaps their gift-giver will even be picking it up for them at a holiday sale coming to a store near you. If you intend to show them the way to the mountaintop, we’ll have new rewards aimed at recognizing your service to the Kinderguardian.”

As Bungie are “putting the finishing touches on the program” we don’t yet know how this will work in practice, but let’s see if those “tech-savvy” people can tip us off in advance.

I’ll admit that even I haven’t played muchDestinyof late — there are too many shiny new games distracting me. What would it take to bring you back to the Cosmodrome, Guardian?