Refreshingly, there are no major DLC plans for Devil May Cry 5 outside of one big free update


I’ll take it, it sounds packed as-is

Oh hey, Devil May Cry 5 is back after an 11-year hiatus between numbered entries, and I can’t’ wait to rip into it.

But after all is said and done, it seems like Capcom is content with letting the typical “extra characters/difficulty levels/modes” concept carry on the spirit of the game, as they aren’t planning any DLC at this time. Yep, once the free Bloody Palace (read: challenge rooms) update arrives, that’s it for Devil May Cry 5, producer Matt Walker confirms that there are no current plans for other add-ons.

Given that I’m still playing Devil May Cry games (especially 3) decades down the line as-is and 5is allegedly the biggest entry yet, I think that’s acceptable.

Matt Walker [Twitter]