Remedy is working to fix Control's performance on consoles


The map and motion blur are also being addressed

Controlis a brilliant game, but it doesn’t always run brilliantly. In the past couple days, Remedy has been barraged by complaints from people who are trying to play on base model PS4 and Xbox One. At times, the action can crawl to a near-stop, dipping as low as 10 frames per second.

It’s an issue that Remedy’s scrambling to fix. In an update post, the developer stresses that it’s looking at ways to improve optimization on consoles. There aren’t any firm plans or dates in place — just the assurance that it’s being worked on.

However, there are other problems that Remedy has under…control. In a few weeks’ time, there will be an option to turn off motion blur. Also, Remedy is working to make the map more functional and useful. Lastly, the developer mentions that it’s still not adding HDR support; rather it’s focusing on other features like a photo mode.

Control Community Update — 30/8/2019 [Control]