Remedy outlines Control's DLC roadmap, might include Alan Wake connections


Photo mode coming first

Control may be out, but it’s far from over. Remedy has shared details about the DLC plans for its critically acclaimed sci-fi shooter and it looks like we’ll be returning to this trippy adventure well into 2020. There’s also a glimpse of something that could be Alan Wake related, which has my interest piqued. Will Alan finally be getting out of that tornado dimension thing?

Starting off, “Photo Mode” will be coming to the game this fall as a free update. As the name would imply, it’s a mode where you can take photos during gameplay. It’ll remove the HUD and allow you to tweak filters to capture the perfect shot. This has slowly been creeping into more games and will likely be a standard come the next console generation, so I’m happy to see it here.

The next update, another free one, will be coming in December. Called “Expeditions,” this will be an end-game challenge mode that sees protagonist Jesse teaming up with Security Chief Arish to explore the “Formation.” Remedy says players will need the best gear possible, so this could be some kind of horde or survival-based mode. It may even be a procedurally generated challenge course, which would be pretty neat.

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. There will be two paid expansions for 2020 and this is where the Alan Wake connection might lie. The first DLC pack, “The Foundation,” will release in early 2020 and will delve into the history behind the “Oldest House.” The second expansion, titled “AWE,” deals with a new area of the Oldest House that deals with investigating phenomena called “Altered World Events”…or, you know, Alan Wake experience. Hell, the font is even the same as the one used for Alan’s journey and looks to mimic the box art.

Whether I’m grasping at straws with that theory or not, the future of Control looks to be a rich one. It could also eventually lead to Alan Wake 2, which I’d like a lot.

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