Remedy's next game will reportedly be revealed at E3


Finally, almost time to drop the P7

It’s nearly May, and that means the E3 Speculation Machine (patent pending) is running on all cylinders. The less we know for sure, the more anything is technically possible. There’s enthusiasm and bright-eyed hope in being left in the dark.

The latest rumor concerns a studio we haven’t heard much from since 2016. According to PCGamesN, Remedy’s next title will be unveiled at E3. However, PCGamesN doesn’t explicitly state where this revelation comes from. The way it’s worded makes it seem as if it came from an E3 appointment invitation. It’s possible that publisher 505 Games’ European PR team was quicker with invitations than the North American PR team.

Despite not really knowing where this report comes from, it’s likely that Remedy’s next project (currently codenamed P7) will actually be at E3. Remedy has already told investors that it’s targeting a 2019 launch for P7. The timeline makes sense in that a one-year marketing and media campaign seems appropriate.

Apart from the release window, we know relative little about P7. Remedy has already said that this will be a new property, so, barring any misdirection, this won’t be a full-fledged Alan Wakesequel. Also, it’s being developed for “a wider range of platforms,” which probably means PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The rest, including the actual title, is a mystery. But, Remedy creative director Sam Lake gave a presentation at the Digital Dragons convention last year that dissected all of the developer’s games; most everything that Remedy has done since 2001 has been acharacter-centric action game with themes of guilt and broken family.

We’ve contacted 505 Games for confirmation of this Remedy reveal, but didn’t receive an immediate response. We’ll update this article when/if we hear back.

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