Resident Evil is the first Capcom series to surpass 100 million shipped: it deserves it


Resident Evil 7 pushed 7.5 million alone

Resident Evilhas had its ups and downs; but far more ups than the latter. Capcom seems to agree, at least from a monetary standpoint. See that header image? That’s Leon dropping the mic.

Beating its chest in a blog post this morning, the publisher reports that Resident Evilhas now surpassed the 100 million shipped units milestone: the first Capcom franchise to do so. The recent Resident Evil 3remake numbers are most certainly what pushed that figure over the edge, but strong sales for Resident Evil 7are partly responsible. Capcom calls the series “its flagship property” in the statement.

If Resident Evil Village is anythinglike RE7it’ll help the series soar past that goal. If it truly does combine RE7and RE4 into one package, it could be the best-selling entry of them all.

Resident Evil Series Exceeds 100 Million Units Sold Worldwide [Capcom]