Resident Evil Origins Collection is coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One


Resident Evil Remaster and RE 0 HD

Rejoice PS4, PC, and Xbox One owners:Resident Evil Remaster and the upcoming Resident Evil 0 HD are coming to your big shiny gaming machines as Resident Evil Origins Collection.

The new collection, which packages the pair of games together on disc for $39.99, is due out on January 22 in Europe and January 19 in North America.

The collection is apparently also getting a PS3 and Xbox 360 release, if you still have one of those and want more Resident Evil. The last-gen versions will be download only.

Here’s a trailer for your viewing pleasure. It sure looks like the two games that are announced for the collection.

So, are you excited to pick up this pair of Resident Evil titles? I already own both games numerous times over, but I’ll likely buy them again because that’s just how these things go.