Resident Evil Village DLC teased at E3, and the multiplayer RE:Verse mode is out next month


I’ll take any form of Resident Evil Village DLC

Today at E3, Resident Evil Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda announced during Capcom’s stream today that RE:Verse “would be out next month,” but declined to provide any extra details. I totally forgot that we were all kind of collectively getting that as a bonus type thing. I mean, sure, I’ll boot it up! But more importantly, Resident Evil Village DLC is a go!

It was teased via a very short message during the stream, which is as follows:

“By popular demand, development has just started on additional DLC for Resident Evil Village. More info later.”

And that’s it, folks! The DLC exists. I’m sure a demand wasn’t needed, given how RE7 sold like hotcakes and Capcom expected some degree of repeat success.

Given the showmanship, it’s likely going to be story-based, possibly sidling up to the story at a mid-point, or putting us in the shoes of Chris Redfield and/or Ada Wong. Based on the reports that Ada was cut from the main game, it stands to reason that she’ll show up at some point in the new timeline/Village subfranchise: even if it’s in Resident Evil 9.

Come hang with us in the Destructoid Capcom stream chat in the comments. Let’s see how the rest of this goes.

Resident Evil Village DLC reveal