Return of Double Dragon is getting a PS4 release


Bimmy and Jimmy

About a month ago, Arc System Works and Tommo Japan announced that they were teaming up to make replica carts of Return of Double Dragon for the SNES. Now, the game is going to get a digital re-release on PS4 later in the year. Since the reproduction cart is coming to the US, it seems likely this digital version will also make it West.

As for the game, itself, I don’t really know what to say. I really like the first level, but I can’t manage to sit through more than 10 minutes of this game. I know the version released in the US, Super Double Dragon, is a lot crappier, but even the Japanese version isn’t that good. The game is just painfully slow and lacks a lot of polish. It is a far cry from the pedigree that made the Double Dragon name so renowned in the ’80s.

That being said, having a cool new replica cart means that anybody interested can now play the better version without having to resort to a ROM. Tommo even sent over an image of what the cart will look like. I’m really digging the black aesthetic.