Rime follows Minecraft as latest Switch game that runs at 720p on both tablet and TV


Switch version still not dated

Rime will launch this week on PC, PS4, and Xbox One after quite a bit of strife on Tequila Works’ part.

But it’s also slated for Switch, eventually, and when it does hit that platform it’ll be locked at 720p all around. Speaking to Game Reactor, the developers clarified that Tantalus Media, the studio that’s handling the port, are only working on 720p for both docked (TV) and portable mode. This is the exact same situation that Microsoft is in with Minecraft on Switch, but 4J is actively working on a way to fix that.

Every console has growing pains — even the Xbox One had the infamous resolution disparity, which was eventually blamed on the Kinect.

Rime [Game Reactor via Nintendo Life]