Rock Band 4 releases next week, last chance to stock up on cheap DLC


It doubles in price on October 6

It may seem counter-intuitive, but this is a rare example of a time when you might want to purchase downloadable content before a game comes out. I know, I know — we usually rally against that hard, but bear with us just this once.

For three years now (three years!) Harmonix has been running a DLC sale where a ton of albums and singles have been discounted by around fifty percent. Since 2007, the customary cost of a single Rock Bandtrack has been $2, but that’s been slashed to $1 on the many songs included on this list.

That sale is coming to an end on October 6 when Rock Band 4releases. Then, everything reverts back to its normal price (or, doubles in price if you’re only three years old). So, if there’s something you’re looking at getting, picking it up now would be wise and cost-effective.

I think everyone who likes Rock Bandprobably already knows what Rock Band 4has in store for them. If that experience will be made more enjoyable by some of the tracks on this list, by all means — download them on the cheap.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program of Destructoid fighting against pre-release DLC.

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