Rock Band wraps up Fender for another decade


Plus a look at the new guitar

Fender is going to be the signature look of Rock Bandfor a long time to come. If Harmonix is still pumping out Rock Bandgames 10 years from now, it’ll be a Fender-styled plastic instrument hanging around your neck.

In a press release, Harmonix announced an extension of the licensing agreement between the developer and Fender. The new deal has a 10-year term through 2027. If Rock Bandpersists that long, Fender will have been the look of the game for two full decades, since the series’ introduction in 2007.

Accompanying the announcement was this teaser video for what will surely be the next Rock Bandperipheral: A blue guitar with a black pickguard. We’ve been told this instrument will be manufactured by PDP; this will be PDP’s debut after Harmonix cut ties with Mad Catz back in March.

As for what type of guitar this is, it’s safe to assume this is a Fender given the timing of the tease. The iconic Fender guitars are the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, and Jazzmaster. The pickguard looks all wrong for the Telecaster, so that’s out. The other three are all viable options. My money’s on the Jaguar.