Rocket League free for Steam Hardware preorders


In celebration of over 1 million sales

Rocket League has been an out-of-nowhere phenomenon. I had assumed its large player base was made up mostly of users who downloaded it for free through PlayStation Plus. As it turns out, it has sold more than a million copies on Steam to date.

Eager to further capitalize on its success, Valve announced various plans to support Psyonix’s soccar game. It will be expanding onto Mac and SteamOS later this year. Additionally, it will be free for those who preorder any Steam Hardware, including Steam Controller, Steam Link, or a Steam Machine. Those who already own Rocket League and preorder a piece of hardware will get a giftable copy.

Any who want to get in on the action but don’t want to drop fifty bucks on a new controller can take advantage of the current sale. Rocket League‘s price on Steam is down ten percent for the next couple days. Two dollars saving isn’t much, but it’s more than zero.

On an only marginally related note, check out my second aerial goal video. It’s not the most impressive thing you’ll ever see in the game, but I’m pretty proud of it.