Rocket League's letting players open crates for free with the help of candy corn


Also, there’s a dabbing ghost

When we talked with Rocket Leaguecreative director Corey Davis in September, one of the things he mentioned was how Psyonix planned to put more emphasis on events. Halloween’s the first major holiday and now we have a lot better idea of how this is going to work.

Psyonix detailed its Halloween eventand candy corn is going to be a major part of it. Candy corn will act as an earnable currency that makes the entire economy work. It’s dropped at the end of games, and then players use it to buy stuff that they want.

Here are some of the things candy corn is used for: It can simply buy limited-time Halloween items. It can buy a decryptor which allows players to open up one of any crate they want. Or, it can buy a special Halloween crate; these crates also drop on their own at the end of matches.

Another nuance is that any item that’s opened with a decryptor can’t be traded. Normal paid keys can be used on Halloween crates and those items are tradeable. It’s kind of confusing to see it all written out in one place, but it makes more sense take a minute to think about it.

It’s not long before we get to see candy corn in action. The Halloween event goes live 15 minutes after this article’s posting. It’ll run through the morning of November 6 (and then candy corn expires a week later). Here’s to hoping those crates have more treats than tricks for you.

Haunted Hallows Event Starts October 16! [Rocket League]