RollerCoaster Tycoon World hits Steam Early Access


Sounds like too much of a gamble right now

RollerCoaster Tycoon World has been a long time coming, and it’s still not here yet — not fully. After multiple delays and even some development studio switching on publisher Atari’s end, the game released today on Steam Early Access with a campaign, sandbox mode, a few scenarios, the spline-based track editor, and support for user-made content. It’s $49.99 for the standard edition.

“The Early Access release of RCTW contains the core features and content of the game,” says developer Nvizzio Creations. “Your purchase includes these, along with our roadmap of future content updates and tweaks. All features, like the Coaster builder, the simulation and the overall user experience will be optimized, improved and refined as the game evolves — not only during Early Access, but throughout the life of the game … Throughout Early Access and beyond we will be adding further content, including piece-by-piece custom-built structures, scenario editor, mini-rides and dark rides, additional scenarios, transport rides and more.”

Based on user reviews, it’s probably best to wait until this is further along, both in terms of content and performance (and also to continue keeping an eye on World‘s biggest competitor, Planet Coaster).

RCTW – Early Access dev blog #1 – The Park Has Opened! [Steam]