Brawler royale Rumbleverse delays launch, announces another test date


Iron Galaxy’s Rumbleverse heads back to the lab again

The rough-and-tumble fighter royale Rumbleverse is taking some extra time to get things right. Developer Iron Galaxy has announced that Rumbleverse will not be launching on Feb. 15.

Originally set to launch in February, with Early Access kicking off the week before on Feb. 8, there’s no date set now for the grappler royale’s debut. Extra time is being allotted for the multiplayer rumble to come together, Iron Galaxy confirmed in their announcement today.

“Having Grapital City filled with Rumblers taught us a lot,” the team writes. “We’re excited about the game we’re making—and we’re glad you are, too—but there’s more we want to do to perfect the experience. More than a game, Rumbleverse will be a community that we want to support for a long time. We’re going to take the time to make sure we can get that right.”

If you still want to check it out, though, there will be some chances in the future. Iron Galaxy says more chances to test out Rumbleverse are on the way, starting with a PC test on Feb. 12. You can sign up through their site here.

For those who picked up the Early Access pack already, Iron Galaxy confirms it’s working with partners to offer refunds. The studio also confirms there will be another chance to purchase content for the game, once a new launch date is scheduled.

First revealed at The Game Awards 2021Rumbleverse looked fairly promising. It also seemed like early impressions of it from the initial test were positive too. But any extra time can hopefully add a little extra polish and improve on what’s already there. As it is, getting me interested in a new battle royale is pretty tough. But Rumbleverse‘s injection of high-flying wrestling action into the mix might be what pulls me back in.