Rumor: The Switch might get the next Call of Duty in a Battle Royale-only format



Gaming Intel is reporting, corroborated by a “trusted source,” that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4will arrive on Nintendo Switch in some form, but not how you’d expect it.

According to the rumor it will be a battle-royale-onlyrelease, with no zombies or true multiplayer. This is pretty much inline with the previous report that there is not going to be a campaign for Black Ops 4, and instead, supporting a battle royale mode. The rumor also notes that Beenox is working on the mode along with Raven Software, and that it’ll be bundled with the other versions of the game at launch.

The thing is this kind of lines up. Epic Games is already doing this right now with Fornite, and it’s a scheme that is worth copying. If you’re so inclined you can buy the pre-release version and get the now lesser-known PVE campaign, or you can just download a separate Battle Royale download and get to the craze immediately, for free.

Not having to juggle four or more different modes on one Switch cart is also a plus for Activision, who has struggled to support Nintendo with Call of Dutysince they dropped them during the Wii U era. The Switch is hot right now and this is the time to strike with a trendy genre. We’ll probably know more after the Black Ops 4 reveal event in May.

Rumor: Call of Duty ‘Battle Royale’ Coming to Nintendo Switch [Gaming Intel]