Rumours suggest God of War 4 could be based on Norse mythology


God of War 4? God of Four? God of W4r?

[With Sony’s E3 event just around the corner now, it’s worth taking a look at this leak again. Do you think we could be seeing Kratos go against the entire Norse pantheon at E3?]

If a rumour on NeoGAF is to be believed, Kratos has gotten bored of mucking up Greek deities, and has decided to go after Norse mythology instead in the upcoming God of War 4.

The rumours started when Shinobi602, someone who is known for accurately leaking things such as Battlefield: Hardline, Mass Effect: Andromeda and the release date for The Order: 1886, posted this tweet:

…to the halls of Valhalla.

My boy.#GodofWar4

— shinobi602 (@shinobi602) April 4, 2016

Now that alarms had been raised, NerdLeaks took a poke around and found, in a private section of former Sony Santa Monica artist Finnian MacManus’ website, concept art that looks incredibly God of War-y.

The interesting thing is that a lot of the evidence for this seems to be disappearing. At the time of writing, MacManus’ website is down, NerdLeaks is down, and Imgur albums with the art appear to be getting wiped. That does look mighty fishy. Fortunately, you can see all of the supposedly leaked art in the gallery below.

It is important to note that despite them coming from fairly reliable sources, these are still unconfirmed rumours. Even if they are real, they could just be the development team was exploring various hypothetical settings for the game. Nothing is 100% real until Sony announces it themselves.

But still, Bearded Kratos whacking the shit outta Thor? Sign me up.

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