Ryu and Famicom ROB amiibo up for pre-order at Best Buy


And Ryu’s releasing early

[Update: Best Buy has changed orders for Ryu back to March 18.]

Two of the amiibo that are releasing in March are up for pre-order right now on Best Buy’s website. Ryu and Famicom ROB are both available, but, like always, there’s no telling how long they’ll last. Logic would dictate that Ryu will be a pretty popular figure, given the crossover appeal to Street Fighterfans.

An interesting note is that Ryu’s release date also seems to have been pushed up by ten days. It was originally listed as March 18, but Best Buy’s site says it’ll be available on March 8. Famicom ROB is still set for its original March 18 date.

Another pleasant development is that pre-ordering from Best Buy won’t necessitate going to the store this time. The amiibo will ship to your house, and, in my case, for free. Not sure if it’ll be that way for everyone.

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