Sam Lake teases an Alan Wake themed easter egg within Quantum Break


Time and Tide

It’s no secret that Remedy’s magnum opus, Alan Wake, left an ocean sized hole in my heart. Now, nearly five years after disappearing into the Dark Place, Sam Lake has teased Alan’s whereabouts with the following tweet.

Something’s washed ashore. We’re shooting material for an Easter egg for you to find in #QuantumBreak. #AlanWake

— Sam Lake (@SamLakeRMD) December 3, 2015

It’s great to see Alan again (even as a possibly washed up corpse), but what’s even more exciting is the implication that these two series exist within the same shared universe. Max Payne already kinda-sorta exists in Alan’s world, and if you roped him into Quantum Break it would finally explain all of his bullet-time shenanigans (too bad Rockstar owns him now). Only time will tell if this is just a simple nod to the fandom, or if there will be a deeper connection between Remedy’s previous games than that.