Say goodbye to Commendations in Destiny


You know those things we made you earn? Yeah, forget about them

Anyone out there who has been keeping up with all the updates to Destiny since its release will likely be aware of Commendations. Added to the game in it’s last DLC pack, Commendations were a required currency for buying new weapons and armour. Many of you likely toiled away, collecting this new resource in order to stay up to date with the game. Well, according to Bungie’s most recent weekly update, the upcoming 1.2.0 update for the game will remove Commendations entirely.

“But Laura,” I hear you ask, “what will I do with these enormous mountains of useless Commendations I now have and won’t have a use for?” Well, Bungie is planning to let you burn them up in exchange for additional reputation, helping you get to that next promotion faster.

What do you think Destiny players? Are you happy to see them gone? Annoyed you bothered with grinding so many? Happy for the free reputation boost?