Say hi to NintendoPro! Our new YouTube series


We really like Nintendo

Hey, hi, hello! What’s up? How are you doing?! That’s great. Glad we got that out of the way… My name is Britney J, and you’re gonna be seeing me here more and more often from now on…

I am so sorry.

Among a team of incredibly rad folks you’ll meet very soon, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be hosting a new series called NintendoPro right here on Destructoid.

Our intentions are to produce polished, straightforward yet easily digestible theory-based content for all eras of Nintendo, not just the Switch! We’re still establishing ourselves, and will be expanding with multi-platform content later on, but for now we’re keeping it light and chill. We hope you enjoy, but you don’t have to.

Be sure to check it out, tell us what’s up, contribute with ideas or even tell us to piss off if you’d like! All feedback is appreciated. Either way, we’re all looking forward to producing some killer content for you guys – so follow our YouTube channel to get notified when we go live. Stay tuned!