Sea of Thieves has a literal 'day one patch' in the form of an eyepatch


Well done

Day one patches have been a point of contention for many years, especially for folks who have slower internet speeds or data caps. For those people there’s nothing worse than buying a disc, popping it in, installing 10GB of data to your hard-drive, then immediately be forced to install 15-20 more GB of data by way of an online patch.

Found on reddit by way of early access to the New Zealand version of the game, Rare is bringing in some of their old goofball tricks in to turn that concept on its head — with a literal “day one [eye]patch” item in Sea of Thieves. Rather than force players to install hefty chunks of data, the game’s day one patch is just a cosmetic with the number “1” on it.

Because of how emergent the gameplay is and how well it did on Twitch during the beta period, I can see Sea of Thievescatching on in the mainstream when it launches this week. It’s just a matter of whether or not Rare can keep people’s interest weeks down the line with a steady string of content.

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