Seasons after Fall is fiendishly cute, coming in 2016


Swing Swing Submarine’s latest platforming romp looks like a heart-melter

Swing Swing Submarine, the talented studiobehind well-receivedpuzzlerssuch asBlocks That Matterand Tetrobot and Co., has been hard at work on its latest project, Seasons after Fall. The exquisite-lookingfairytale platformer is scheduled to arrive on consoles and PC sometime in 2016.

In Seasons, you’ll take on the role of a wild fox with mystical powers that allow you to “manipulate the life of the forest through dynamically changing the seasons.” Platforming elements will “move or expand based on which season you switch to,” so for example, you can freeze a progress-blocking waterfall by summoning Winter, or “call for Spring to make plants and flowers bloom, guiding you to previously inaccessible zones.”

I first became aware of the delightful title when Icame acrossPhilippa Warr‘s first-hand account of the game last December. In it, the developers discuss its intended difficulty level, or intentional lack thereof by saying, “We want [the] game to feel generous,” adding that they“don’t want the platforming to be a challenge.” In essence, I get the feeling that Seasons is meant to be a relaxing, exploration-basedtitle, which is fine by me. From time to time, that’sprecisely what I need.