Second Fig crowdfunding campaign Anchors in the Drift failed to meet its goal


Only made about 21 percent

I was ready to eat crow at the very beginning of the Anchors in the Drift crowdfunding campaign. After wondering aloud if the general public would get behind paying sizable chunks of money for a free-to-play game, it opened strong with over $70,000 of its $500,000 goal in the first hour.

However, most of that money came from the side that makes Fig unique. Only a small percentage of the money came from the crowd; the majority of it came from investors. On that side, rather than receiving the stated rewards, investors stand to make money if the project sees success in the market.

So Anchors in the Drift was doomed from the start, because although it had the support of a few wealthy individuals, it couldn’t set fire to the masses. In the end, it raised about $5,200 from its 125 traditional backers and more than $100,000 from its investors.

After the first Fig campaign for Outer Wilds just barely made its mark of $125,000 and this failed significantly, it brings into question the viability of Fig as a platform. It’s a fantastic idea, but it will really need a big success soon in order to prove itself.