See the Battle Angel Alita trailer with your own normal-sized eyes



Battle Angel Alita, originally titled “Gunnm” in Japan, is a manga that started way back in 1990 about Alita, an amnesiac robot who is rebuilt after being found in a junkyard and discovers that there is something special about her. The manga caught the eye of filmmaker James Cameron in the ’90s and he’s been saying that he has wanted to make an adaptation since his monster hitTitanic.Much like Cameron’s other box office CG success Avatar, he waited until the technology was good enough before attempting to adapt Battle Angel Alita and here we are now.

Boy, the technology sure is here now. The trailer above sure looks okay with the cool-looking robot parts and with what little they show of the Alita’s world. However, I know I am not alone when I say those slightly-larger-than-human eyes sure are distracting, even though we fully know she isn’t human as it is said in the trailer. After a few viewings of the trailer, I might be warming up to her eyes a bit but trying to get over the “uncanny valley”-ness of her look is not an easy task.

Battle Angel Alita comes out in US theaters on July 18, 2018