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Sega announces another Sonic Boom game, Fire & Ice

From out of nowhere

Sonic Boom didn’t do too well on 3DS and Wii U. They were two of the worst performing Sonicgames in history, and were rated very poorly across both platforms. Despite that, the cartoon series is doing very well. Sonic Boom also has its own Archie Comic series (in addition to classic Sonicand Sonic Universe), and a toy line.

That all said, Sega is eschewing Wii U this time around and releasing a brand new game in the series on 3DS called Fire & Ice. It’ll once again feature Sticks, Amy, Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails, and is being developed by Sanzaru Games. The titular elements of fire and ice will be infused in its gameplay, allowing extra abilities and powers for the crew. “Bot Racing” is also an announced feature, which allows racing against friends by way of a ghost system of sorts.

More episodes of the TV show next year have been confirmed, as well as Sonic Central, a new mobile app for iOS and Android that delivers Sonic-related info. The blue blur isn’t going away anytime soon, folks!

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