Senran Kafaux pas: Fable dev Lionhead celebrates cleavage on Twitter



[Update: Lionhead tweeted an apology, “We apologise for the imagery we shared earlier. Diversity & inclusion are values we uphold here. We’ll reinforce these values w/ our team,” irritating a whole new group of people.]

“Happy #NationalCleavageDay from all of us at Lionhead Studios!,” the now-deleted Tweet from Fable Legends developer Lionhead read.

Apparently today is “National Cleavage Day,” one of the many stupid, made-up holidays some people celebrate, like “Star Wars Day” and “Christmas.” Lionhead decided to “celebrate” the day on social media with a “piece [of] Fable II artwork from our archives.” Why make up a holiday if it isn’t something you can use to get off work? (Apparently because this one started as a marketing tactic by a bra company in South Africa over a decade ago.)

For the sake of double entendre, The Foaming Jugs is the name of a Fable tavern and a reference to the large-breasted woman holding frothing booze. The problem is that she is not even holding jugs, which are liquid-holding containers that commonly narrow at the top and are used for pouring more than drinking. Now, America delineates between jugs and wide-mouthed pitchers, while elsewhere they’re all jugs, but a pouring spout is still part of the description. This is more of a tankard or stein, but those are not things (most) people call boobs.

The other problem, of course, is a #brand being cute on Twitter, trying to score social media clout by hopping on a popular hashtag and rifling through its art archives to find promotional material that features a busty woman in low cut garb serving beer. St. Pauli Girl doesn’t even show that much skin and that’s as bad as beer gets short of Coors distracting people from its yellow water with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign about how cold it is (which, in turn, works better to hide the taste of bad beer).

Anyways, it’s Friday so I’m going to go get a Steel Reserve and suggest brands not post suggestive promo art that commodifies women’s bodies while I wait on all the glowing praise I deserve for the Senran Kagura headline.