Set your life to Animal Crossing jams with this free Chrome extension


New songs by the hour

Life is better with Animal Crossing‘s hourly music playing in the background. I knew this, thanks to a website we covered years ago that does the heavy lifting, but had forgotten. While that site is still up (and remains one of humanity’s greatest treasures), there’s another option for Chrome users.

NeoGAF user Andrex whipped up a browser extension that plays the appropriate Animal Crossing tune depending on the current time of day, and it’s making the rounds right now. Hell yes it is!

After downloading the extension, you’ll see a K.K. Slider icon at the top right of Chrome. You can click it to pause the music, or right click to go into the options menu where you can specify which soundtrack you want to hear whether it be the original or a more recent entry like New Leaf.

There’s also an option for K.K. to play his tunes on Saturday nights. Yes. Gotta have those.

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