Sex 'n' sheep reunite as Catherine: Full Body is coming to PS4 and Vita


Live stream later this week

Atlus have announced that Studio Zero, led by Persona 5 producer Katsura Hashino, are at work on Catherine: Full Body, for the PS4 and PS Vita.

The game is a remake of the bizarre and unendingly creepy puzzle/RPG, that launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2011. It tells the story of a young man, Vincent Brooks, who is caught in a literal nightmare when torn between his long-time girlfriend Katherine, and a mysterious femme-fatale — also named Catherine — who plagues his days and nights.

Vincent’s world is probably gonna get a whole lot worse, as Full Body will include the existence of a third Catherine, just to complicate matters further.

Atlus will hold a live stream on December 22 on the Nico Nico channel, where more information, along with a new trailer, will be revealed. The sensibly-titled “From a Traditional RPG to Full Body!? Studio Zero Broadcast 2017.” is expected to start at 19:30 JST.

Here are some breaking details, courtesy of Famitsu, Gematsu and that hive of info, Ryokutya2089:

  • Development is a collaborative effort between Atlus and Studio Zero.
  • The third “Catherine” is named “Rin” (voiced by Aya Hirano). She is a pianist at Vincent’s regular bar, and has an exceedingly honest and gentle personality. Rin’s involvement in the story will introduce new branches for the other two “Catherines.”
  • New endings, episodes, anime movies, and “sexy events” are being added.
  • The subtitle “Full Body” was chosen from the wine term, and exemplifies an even richer and somehow more erotic new Catherine.
  • A wide range of difficulties and systems are being prepared.
  • There is a new mechanic where you move blocks where multiples are connected.
  • There will be online battles and cross-save support.
  • The scenario is mainly being made by full-time staff.
  • You can switch between new and traditional modes during the story.
  • Development is currently 50% complete.