Shadow Warrior 3 is bringing the Doomsday Device to PS4 and Xbox One


No sign of Hawk or Animal, though

Devolver Digital has announced that hyper-gooey FPS sequel Shadow Warrior 3 will be blowing up on PS4 and Xbox One when it launches later this year. While the bombastic action game had been previously revealed for PC, console editions were yet to be confirmed.

In addition to the announcement, developer Flying Wild Hog released a new video — exclusively to IGN — that shows off some of the hellish encounters, locations, enemies, and weapons that will be entering the life of long-sufferin’, hard-rockin’ hero Lo Wang.

IGN’s video spotlights the “Double Trouble” gore weapon, the gross “Gassy Obariyon” enemy, and finally the “Doomsday Device” map, which unfortunately appears to have little-to-nothing to do with clotheslining a man off of another man’s shoulders. More’s the pity.

While Shadow Warrior 3 is yet to receive a release date, it is on track to launch in 2021.

Shadow Warrior 3’s ‘Doomsday Device’ mission is full of terrible creatures, violent traps, and gorgeous views!

Watch the full sneak peek on @IGN:

2021 | PC | PS4 | XB1

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) May 5, 2021