Shakedown: Hawaii is finally coming to 3DS soon, will likely be one of its last high profile games



Shakedown: Hawaii is currently available for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, andPlayStation Vita, and now it’scoming to another quasi-legacy handheld: the 3DS. Developer Vblank sort of has a thingfor supporting systems when no one else will (Retro City Rampagefamously was released on WiiWare near the end of its life), and the 3DS is no exception.

Despite Nintendo not actively developing games for it (that we know of, as of this E3) and nearly no one releasing major new games for it the past few months outside of Atlus, Vblank is gearing up for a 3DS launch on September 19 in North America, and September 26 in Europe. The news comes straight from Vblank’s official Shakedown: Hawaiiwebsite.

Shakedown: Hawaiiended up being one of the last major Vita games this year before Sony ended cart production, and it could be one of the last 3DS titles. Pour one out!

Shakedown: Hawaii [Vblank] Thanks Jeff!