Shantae and the Seven Sirens update to tweak some of the sequel's balance flaws


Once more unto the dancefloor

Developer WayForward has announced a new update for its 2019 platforming escapade Shantae and the Seven Sirens. The “Spectacular Superstar Update” will launch on all platforms November 30, bringing with it a lampful of extra modes, as well as some vital tweaking to what is, unfortunately, one of the most disappointing entries in the beloved franchise.

First and foremost, the Spectacular Superstar Update will rebalance Shantae and the Seven Sirens in its entirety, with the “Definitive Mode” altering the adventure’s difficulty, and ensuring that its endless array of health pickups and redundant special weapons are more effectively implemented throughout the entire game. Additionally, the boss fights have been tweaked to provide further challenge, and snippets of extra dialogue have been added in order to flesh out Seven Sirens‘ bland character interactions.

For those who have already run the aquatic-based story mode dry, then new modes such as Full Deck and Rule Breaker will allow you to let rip a little with Shantae’s stunning abilities. These modes will see the Half-Genie Hero begin her adventure will a “full deck” of Monster Cards, allowing the player to fine-tune our gal’s abilities to their whim. The Rule Breaker mode is, essentially, “God Mode,” and will see Shantae equipped with all maxed powers from the get-go. Woe betide any creature foolish enough to stand in her dance steps…

I don’t just like the Shantae franchise, nor just love the Shantae franchise. I’m passionate about the Shantae franchise, and Shantae and the Seven Sirens was a disappointment. Reliant on asset recycling, with an incredibly bland and forgettable story, a fantastic new cast of characters that are immediately discarded, and some awful, momentum-killing new mechanics make Shantae’s fifth outing her weakest, most algorithmic adventure to date. Perhaps the heat of the then-debuting Apple Arcade put paid to what — from early accounts  — looked to be quite the epic adventure.

Still, at least those Spectacular Superstar Update is hoping to address a few of the title’s major shortcomings. I still love Shantae — who doesn’t — but, as I said in my review, when our gal next decides to go dancing into danger, she needs to return with a vengeance, full of pith and vinegar, sporting fresh ideas, and equipped with a whole new series of steps.