Japanese Shin Megami Tensei V stream scheduled for tomorrow


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Publisher Atlus has announced that it has scheduled a live stream for tomorrow, August 19, focused on the highly-anticipated RPG Shin Megami Tensei V. The Japanese presentation will feature the latest info, reveals, and in-game footage as it relates to the demon-hunting epic, which will finally be let loose on Nintendo Switch November 12.

Atlus is remaining tight-lipped as to what will be shown and/or discussed in tomorrow’s stream, but we at least know that it will be hosted by the Anime News Network’s Chiaki Matsuzawa. If you want to check out the SMT V stream for yourself, then the action kicks off on the official Atlus YouTube channel tomorrow at 12:00 JST (which is tonight at 20:00 PT). It’s unlikely that there will be any major revelations during this stream, but if there are, we’ll be sure to let you know right here on Destructoid.

A third live stream is planned for September, ahead of Shin Megami Tensei V‘s eventual release in November.

【告知】明日、8月19日(木)12:00より、『NEWS真・女神転生V Vol.2』を公開します。

視聴予約はこちらhttps://t.co/SiulP1yVCb#真・女神転生V は2021年11月11日Nintendo Switchにて発売。予約受付中!https://t.co/PurHT9iilR#真V #メガテン

— 『真・女神転生』シリーズ公式 (@megaten_atlus) August 18, 2021