Shulk amiibo pre-orders are open for a second wave at GameStop


Possible in-store only, though

The Shulk amiibo, a highly sought-after GameStop exclusive, might not be quite as rare as originally thought. This afternoon, GameStop opened a second wave of pre-orders for the Xenobladecharacter. It’s expected to ship on May 1.

The only downside is that ordering online doesn’t appear to be a viable option. (It pops up randomly for one or two minutes at a time before being sold out again.) What’s required is going into a GameStop store and placing an order to be shipped to you. Employees are instructed not to take orders over the phone because it’d require relaying payment information without proof of identification.

I recommend calling ahead to make sure that the employee working can confirm this method, and that there are still pre-orders to sell. The first store I called told me they weren’t available (even though it was wrong); the second one told me to come over. Twenty minutes later, I exchanged money for promise of a Shulk in early May.

Anyone that missed out on this rare amiibo the first time around would be wise to pick it up now. Considering the rumors that GameStop may either sell these “used” in the future at a premium, or reserve stock to package with the New 3DS Xenoblade Chronicles, snagging it for the suggested retail price looks like a steal.

[Update:If you’re lucky, this link might work for online ordering.]