Sign up for Pokemon Go field tests


Play Pokemon Go early as a tester

Provided the recent, rough footage fromPokémon Go didn’t turn you off — maybe the promise of gyms, egg hatching, and other familiar mechanics was enough to sway you back — you can sign up and request an invitation to the game’s field test (in the United States, Australia or New Zealand).

Niantic’s augmented-reality iPhone/Android game, “combines mobile location technology and augmented reality to create a unique game experience that motivates players to go outside, explore, and catch wild Pokémon in the world around them.”

If you’re extended an invite, you can play and test version and report back to the company. Remember, you’re a tester: “the app is still in active development, so it has a limited set of features at the moment and there may be things that don’t work properly.”

Also if you drown trying to catch a Horsea in your local river, “Niantic disclaims all liabilities.” Sign up!