Silver Mario amiibo appears in GameStop's system


Nintendo is still bafflingly silent

Wave 4 of the amiibo craze is rapidly approaching on May 29, and despite the fact that we have all of the exclusives sorted, one mystery remains — the Silver Mario amiibo. It was found alongside of the Gold Mario that launched as a Walmart exclusive a way back, and multiple reports have confirmed that it has shown up in places like Target and other smaller stores.

Now, I can confirm that the Silver Mario figure is in GameStop’s systems according to a source, but it is not dated yet, nor is it flagged for pre-order. We’ll let you know as soon as we see more, but for the time being this variant figure looks to be very much real, and not exclusive to any one store. The rarity of said figure is yet to be ascertained, but if it’s as rare as the Gold Mario ended up being — good luck.

GameStop has some trust to earn back after it told everyone online pre-orders would happen at a certain time and date, then secretly told employees by way of a corporate memo that orders could only happen in-store the next morning. When said in-store rush did happen, the entire system crashed and online orders were canceled entirely.