Ska Studios puts out free game to protest Candy jerks


Trolling the trademark trolls

After Candy Crush Sagadeveloper King filed atrademark for the word “candy”as it pertains to videogames, indie developers struck back the only way they knew how — by making indie games. Appropriately and rebelliously calledCandy Jam, these devs are slapping together games that totally definitely aren’t about candy if any attorney-lookin’ fellas come around askin’.

One of the teams to get in on the action is Ska Studios, most recently known for Charlie MurderandTIME VIKING!!!!!ANDSPACERAPTOR.Ska’s game, Candy Kill: The Saga of Apple Budis about healthy fruits as they try to symbolically dispose of sweets.

The best part is that it’s totally free. Go ahead and give it a try, along with some of the other developers’ games. For great justice.