Smash isn't the only fighting game Cloud is hitting this year


Dissidia Final Fantasy footage

More Dissidiaarcade trailers are out in the wild, and this one deals with the divisive Cloud Strife.

While a lot of people who have never played a Final Fantasygame are quick to dismiss him, I feel like I have to make the case for Cloud as a fighting game character. He’s easily one of the most unique fighters in the series from a moveset perspective, drawing from a large pool of magic and limit breaks to go along with his unconventional Buster Sword style.

It makes sense then that the developers of Super Smash Bros.would have no problem designing an enticing looking combatant, and Square Enix and Koei Tecmo have seemingly done the exact same thing for the third iteration ofDissidia, set to hit arcades this month.

Cloud is still very much relevant, folks.