SMT: Strange Journey Redux video review and free demon passwords!


Because everyone should have a Chupacabra in their party

Over the past week or so, I decided to go on a strange journey down the Shin Megami hole. It’s dark, full of demons, and everyone down there speaks Japanese. But, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux is easily some of the best dungeon crawling you’ll do down in said hole.

Now that I’m back above ground, I’ve decided to share a bunch of demon passwords from the many fusion accidents I’ve had. So, if you’re playing Strange Journey now (or plan on playing it in the future), be sure to check those out down below to get some decently powerful demons for early on. Also, while you’re doing that, check out our video review!

Spirit Macabre (lv 18)

Skills: Mudoon, Blight, Rampage, Fang Breaker, Dormina, and Needle Rush

Macca cost: 4,638

UMA Chupacabra (lv 20)

Skills: Life Drain, Zio, Fog Breath, Giant Slice, Stare Down, and Media

Macca cost: 6,776

Jaki Wendigo (lv 23)

Skills: Bufula, Stare Down, Tyranny, Blight, Rampage, Mana Bonus

Macca cost: 3,700

Femme Yuki Jyorou (lv 26)

Skills: Eternal Rest, Mabufula, Dormina, Peter Piper, Recovery Boost, and Mediarama

Macca cost: 8,377

Fiend Matador (lv 30)

Skills: Skull Cracker, Deathbound, Arrow Rain, Charge, Rakunda, and Chakra Walk

Macca cost: 9,794

Jaki Black Frost (lv 30)

Skills: Bufula, Bufudyne, Dream Fist, Maragi, Mamudoon, and Endure

Macca cost: 10,167

Tyrant Balor (lv 44)

Skills: Maragion, Megaton Press, Blight, Rampage, Mortal Strike, and Agilao

Macca cost: 92,652

Reaper Hel (lv 50)

Skills: Mamudoon, Bufudyne, Magaru, Ziodyne, Agidyne, and Sabbatma

Macca cost: 42, 484

Hopefully, these passwords will help. Note that Hel is from a friend of mine and even features a maxed out MA stat! Also, if you’re playing the game currently, feel free to share your own demon passwords down in the comments below!