Snake? Snake! is Snake but with Metal Gear Snakes


Tactical Nokia Action

Grab a friend (or brother!). Snake? Snake! is competitive Snake starring Solid and Liquid Snakes. The rules are slightly different from the cellphone game you remember. There is a taunt button. Matches last 30 seconds. You can cross your own body, but running into your opponent’s deducts a point from your score. Otherwise, go eat little pips, represented here as Fulton-extracting sleeping soldiers.

You can play it here.

Like the Twin Peaks dancing game, Snake? Snake! was made for Fantastic Arcade’s Duplicade Game Jam, which is themed around quick player-versus-player games that feel like bootlegs “just weird enough to not get you sued.” Fittingly, it was made in part by oldtime Destructoid community member and my recent Facebook friend Eric Neuhaus, creator of Legend of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awakening.

I just noticed, “This is a snaking mission.” Nice, nice.