SNK's Neo Geo Mini presentation is delightfully cheesy


Still no lockdown on date or price

Amongst the hustle and bustle of this E3 weekend, legendary developer SNK released a video online to talk a little more about their upcoming retro-device, the Neo Geo Mini. The console will launch in Japan this Summer, and worldwide a little later. Surprisingly, no specific date, or a price, was announced.

Hosted by the legitimately named Max Powers, who may or may not be taking the piss, the 13-minute video shone a spotlight on the portable arcade unit, which features a 3.5 inch screen, HDMI support, USB connectivity and ports for external control pads, which are in the style of the mid-’90s Neo Geo CD console and come in black or white.

More intriguing was the reveal that the previously announced dual versions of the unit will come pre-loaded with differing games. The International version, for example, features a huge selection of Metal Slug titles, while the Japanese edition will feature all the Neo Geo-based King of Fighters games. This might be a sticking point for fans, who probably feel that they will have to pick up both units in order to get the complete 100 Meg Shock! experience.

You can check out the presentation, and the game listings for each version of the console, below.