So, is there a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S now sitting in your homestead?


What’s the choice of a new generation?

For many, at least for those in North America, the next generation of gaming is officially underway. The past week-and-some-change has seen the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S hardware, while yesterday saw the coming on Sony’s PlayStation 5, with both consoles wasting zero time in winging their way into homes across the nation.

It promises to be a particularly close race this time around, given that the PS5, Xbox Series X, and modest PC hardware are all relatively similar in technology and power – more or less. Here’s hoping that the coming years provide us all with plenty of joyous new games, engaging digital experiences, and few hardware faults. Vagrant Story 2 wouldn’t go amiss either.

I’m yet to receive my PS5 – it isn’t out on these shores yet and the only people in this country to have received one are popular game journalists. But that’s fine, given that the first thing I’ll play on the ridiculously sized behemoth is likely Street Fighter V, Rainbow Six Siege, or Huntdown. Besides, I already own the Lone Wolf and Cub and Female Prisoner Scorpion #701 series on Blu-Ray, so to be honest I’m set for life.

Still, that doesn’t mean that many among you, our beloved community, have not got a shiny new box propped up in your packed-out TV unit. So if you’re fortunate enough to have grabbed a new console this week, or even if you have zero intent on owning either. Jump into the comments below and share your thoughts and impressions.

And Welcome to the Woooorld of Tomorroooow.