So that's where Bloodborne's infamous closed door leads


Well that was anticlimactic

Have you been to Bloodborne‘s best room yet? The one filled with pottery just begging to be smashed to pieces? If you walk past the pots (after breaking them, of course) there’s a curious door. You can interact with it, but the game tells you it is “closed.” Not locked, but closed. Specific word choice there, From Software. Hmm.

Cue Bloodborne players doing what they do best: speculating and digging for answers. The truth appears to be far more mundane than some theories suggested. As demonstrated by YouTube user illusory wall (such a fitting name!), it’s possible to wedge a bunch of Shining Coins partway through the door and, would you look at that, the blasted thing connects to the Great Bridge, a dead-end area of Yharnam that’s home to an early boss.

I had assumed the mystery door would feed into a not-yet-implemented DLC area that From Software would plug into the existing world, but now that we know where it goes — or doesn’t, as it were — that seems implausible.

Somewhere, director Hidetaka Miyazaki is laughing maniacally.