Soapstone app lets you leave Dark Souls messages in real life


Amazing item ahead

You know those helpful messages scattered on the ground in Dark Souls games, such as “Illusory wall ahead” or “Try jumping,” which are never misleading? Well, now you can leave your own cryptic messages in real life with the Soapstone app for iOS and Android.

The free app lets you leave messages on a map, selecting words and phrases from a limited pool of options. There are different lexicons you can choose from in the settings (Earth, Lordran, Drangleic, and Yharnam), so all your favorite words and phrases from the games are there, as well as some more practical words if you choose Earth.

You can warn people to “Be wary of danger zone” near a suspicious alleyway, let them know there’s a “Gorgeous view ahead” near a landmark, or to “Try backstepping” away from a pricey store. Or you can just leave “I did it!” messages all over the place, like everyone else does!

Unfortunately, the app seems to be rather sluggish for some people (myself included), but at least it’s free to try it out. It’s a terrific idea for an app, so I hope the developers keep working on optimizing it.

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