Sociable Soccer hits Early Access this summer


A sensible game with a sensible title

I couldn’t give a hot shit about most sports titles. I don’t really watch sports, can’t be bothered with players, teams or stats, but there is something about the older days of sports video games that I find a lot of fun. Classics such as Tecmo Super Bowl, Neo Turfmasters, Ice Hockey, and Sensible Soccer, the game with the most boring name in history despite being absolutely bat shit frantic.

Sociable Soccer is the follow-up by Jon Hare, developer of the original series. Embracing a more modern aesthetic, it pulls no punches in regards to embracing the original breakneck pace of the Sensible series, which still has a feverish cult following today. The original Kickstarter campaign for Sociable Soccer was a failure, but the game is apparently done now and looks much, much better.

It will be hitting Early Access this summer and is due for full release in 2018. So if you can’t be fucked with the boring slog of most sports simulations but still like the sport, this is going to be one to look out for.

Sociable Soccer hoofed up to early access this summer[Rock Paper Shotgun]