Some brilliant soul is making a great looking game based on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show


Hey paisanos!

Jesus Lopez has something special on their hands: a fan game based onThe Super Mario Bros. Super Show. You know, that oldcartoon starring Lou Albano that ran during Saturday mornings in 1989 that had both an official rap and the song “Do the Mario?”

The footage clocks in at just under two minutes and showcases a very simplistic level, but it’s pretty great. Mario looks exactly how he should in an HD/modern rendition of the Super Showcartoon, and that run animation is brilliant. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play a game where the foliage is pasta-based? You might be asking yourself why it looks so good:well, Lopez just happens to be an animator in the game industry.

As Lopez notes in the description of the video “[he] will not be selling the game,” so hopefully he doesn’t get a cease & desist notice and we get to play this potential masterpiece one day. If you want to learn more about the creation of this project, you can find a nice little rundown on SwankyBox’s YouTube channel.