Here's two full levels from Sonic Colors: Ultimate


Planet Wisp and Tropical Resort

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is still slated to debut in September on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, and before that happens all we really need is a quick look at some gameplay to see how it runs. And that’s just what we got with E3.

Debuting via two separate channels (Sega and the Future Game Show), we now have a good look Sonic Colors: Ultimate, which, as expected, is using the exact same core loop as the original. The videos are actually nice and breezy, clocking in at under two minutes for a stage clear. They seamlessly shift between 2D and 3D sections, and showcase a large reason why Sonic Colors is so beloved after all these years for its simplicity.

Sega also reminds us that Blind Squirrel Entertainment is handling the Ultimate release: the same studio that worked on Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, amid a few other projects like BioShock: The Collection. Without further ado, the aforementioned gameplay!

Here’s Planet Wisp: Act 4 from Sega:

And here’s Tropical Resort: Act 2 from the Future Game Show: